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In Occasion of Natural Resources Week, the ceremony in the honour of tree planting procedure was held in presence of the managing director of the bank
Tree planting ceremony was held in Fadak Park with collaboration of Eghtesad Novin Bank, Municipality of Dist.2 of Tehran, Directorate General of Tehran Province Environmental Protection, Green Civilization Association, Environment Supporting Artists Association, Environment Management Centre, and Sustainable Development Organization of the Municipality of Tehran.
Alireza Balgouri (the managing director of Eghtesad Novin Bank), Rasoul Keshtpour (the mayor of Dist. 2 of Tehran), Dr. Alipour (the Principal of Environment Management Centre and Sustainable Development Organization of the Municipality of Tehran), and a host of responsible authorities, artists, and neighbourhood personalities were present in the tree planting ceremony. In a speech delivered by Alireza Balgouri, he pointed out that Eghtesdad Novin Bank is an environmental-friendly and environment oriented organization. He added that fortunately, Eghtesdad Novin Bank has carried out considerable measures in line with its responsibilities in environment protection field and has always been perfect example worthy to be followed. He emphasized that they had assumed saving and lesser-paper-using strategy toward protection of environment and they were going to save paper consumption through using modern technologies in office work.
In continuation of ceremonies, saplings were planted in presence of top managers of Eghtesdad Novin Bank, Dist. 2 of Tehran Municipality managers, and men of mass media.
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Balgouri: Corporate governance principles will lead to stability and improvement of the functions of banking system
In presence of the Managing Director of Eghtesad Novin Bank (EN Bank), Mehr Novin School was opened in Afrasiab Village of Sananda
In the presence of the Managing Director of Eghtesad Novin Bank (EN Bank), Mehr Novin School was opened in Cambil Village of Minab
Alireza Bolgouri: At this space of time, safeguarding the health and stability of the bank is our greatest duty
On Occasion of 17th Anniversary of Establishment of Eghtesad Novin Bank (EN Bank), "Hamrah Novin System" was unveiled
The Ceremony of Starting Construction of Mehr-e-Novin School in Rajan Silvana Village was held
Participation of Eghtesad Novin Bank (EN Bank) Family in Blood Donation Campaign
In the light of considerable growth of profitability, annual ordinary general meetings of Novin Group companies were held successfully
Thanks to endeavours of Novin Tak Accelerator, seven start-up teams introduced their businesses to investors at the end of acceleration period
Opportunity for Smart Investment; Opening Foreign-Currency Investment Account in Eghtesad Novin Bank (EN Bank)

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