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Awarding of Golden Statue of Superior Banking Service to EN Bank's Bankashena
1 October 2016
ENBank received the Golden Statue of Superior Banking Service for its Bankashena service in the first National Festival on Innovation and Iranian Superior Products.
This festival, in addition to promoting modern local products and services, facilitates export development as well as obtaining hard currency revenues for suppliers of local products and services. A key issue underlined in this festival was development of customer oriented services by promoting innovations in customer oriented products.
This festival by focusing on appraisal and monitoring of innovation processes for selected products facilitated identifying of key points for improvement with a view to development and enhancement of products innovation processes in the framework of a comprehensive report submitted to selected companies.
Bankashena services are at the disposal of customers by phone. Bankashena System allows the customers to ask for their required services by phone, and to obtain them instantly. Primary goal of such services is offering services to customers without the need for their physical presence.
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