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IN HIS EXALTED NAME, EN Bank's CEO Was Selected as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asian Bankers Association
According to EN Bank’s Public Relations the Bank was selected as a Board Member of the Asian Bankers Association for the 4th consecutive term . Moreover, Ali Asghar Safari , CEO of the Bank, was appointed, by the Board of said association, as Deputy Chairman of the Board for a two year term.
Ali Asghar Safari Was Appointed as CEO of EN Bank
24 October 2016
Ali Asghar Safari was appointed as CEO of EN Bank, at suggestion of the Board of Directors and upon approval of Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran. According to the report of the Public Relations, the Board of Directors of E N Bank, in their meeting, proposed the appointment of Safari as the CEO of the Bank, while thanking Hassan Motamedi the outgoing CEO for his services. This proposal was approved by the respective competent authorities.
It is worth noting that Ali Asghar Safari is a distinguished and experienced manager in the banking system, having served the banking network of the country for over 35 years. Before this appointment he was the CEO of Tourism bank. His other previous positions in the banking network include: Board Member of Bank Tejarat, Deputy CEO of Bank Karafarin, Credits Director of Iran and Holland Trade Bank, as well as board member of over ten economic and industrial companies in the country.
The Board of Directors in the same meeting expressed their appreciation for services rendered by Hassan Motamdi, the outgoing CEO of the Bank, who will continue to serve the Bank in his capacity as member of the Strategic Council.
Awarding of Golden Statue of Superior Banking Service to EN Bank's Bankashena
1 October 2016
ENBank received the Golden Statue of Superior Banking Service for its Bankashena service in the first National Festival on Innovation and Iranian Superior Products.
This festival, in addition to promoting modern local products and services, facilitates export development as well as obtaining hard currency revenues for suppliers of local products and services. A key issue underlined in this festival was development of customer oriented services by promoting innovations in customer oriented products.
This festival by focusing on appraisal and monitoring of innovation processes for selected products facilitated identifying of key points for improvement with a view to development and enhancement of products innovation processes in the framework of a comprehensive report submitted to selected companies.
Bankashena services are at the disposal of customers by phone. Bankashena System allows the customers to ask for their required services by phone, and to obtain them instantly. Primary goal of such services is offering services to customers without the need for their physical presence.
Inauguration of "Pen- Peace-Action" Fair Sponsored by EN Bank
11 September 2016
On the occasion of the Global Peace Day, the "Pen-Peace-Action" Fair was inaugurated in the Islamic Republic of Iran, by United Nations with sponsorship of EN Bank and collaboration of Shirin Galley . In this ceremony, Serj Nakuzi Deputy Coordinator stationed in the Islamic Republic of Iran expressed his delight in such inauguration and emphasised the importance of promotion of peace and added:
World community today , more than ever, is in need of peace and friendship.
In this ceremony held in Shirin Gallery which was met with public enthusiasm, Dr. Hossein Elahi Ghomshei, Reza Kianian, Saber Abar and some art celebrities were present.
Awarding of Three Local and International Superior Commendations to EN Leasing Company by ITEC's Gathering
3 September 2016
EN Leasing Company was awarded three local and International Superior Commendations in the 7th gathering of ITEC, comprised of top management of distinguished large manufacturing and service companies of the country. Dignitaries attending this gathering included Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Majlis deputies and top managements of companies engaged in economic activities.
Awards given to the CEO of EN Leasing Company included:
-Germany's Standard Statue and International Award for offering Superior Leasing services for welfare of customers ( SQC-BESTLEASING),
-Superior National Commendation for adopting customers rights standards in financial brokerage services( Leasing), and
-Superior National Commendation for offering high quality management services in leasing industry.
EN Leasing, in line with goals and policies of EN Bank in the fields of products diversification, customer satisfaction, promotion of social responsibility, designing green leasing for the first time in the country and active participation in renovation and refurbishment of roads and passengers transportation fleet has been commended by local and international institutes such as Energy Global Federation, European Association for Green Management(EAGM), ICS Group(sponsored by EU), Environment Organisation, Iran Management Society, Management Faculty of Tehran University, National Productivity Organisation, Iran Experts Society, Iran Quality Management Society, Human Resources Rehabilitation Institute, Iran Greem Management Society, Iran National Financial Management Society, Administrative Sound Management Gathering, Transportation Road and Urban Construction and Quality Development Gathering, and has received respective certificates.
Beginning of Construction Work on EN Bank School in Ghoroogh, Talesh
29 August 2016
In line with social commitment, new EN Bank school in Ghoroogh, Talesh, Gilan Province started with a special ceremony. In recent years EN Bank has built numerous schools in less privileged areas in Northern Khorasan, Semnan, Khuzestan, East Azerbaijan, Ilam, Sistan and Baluchistan, South Khorasan, Kurdistan, Bushehr and Ardebil, and , in addition to building a school in Gilan, intends to build few new schools in other provinces.
The new school is located in Ghoroogh, Talesh, Gilan Province, which will afford children and youngsters an education opportunity.
Beginning of Construction Work on EN Bank School in Moraveh Tappeh on the 15th Anniversary of Establishment of the Bank
15 August 2016
Construction work on the latest EN Bank school in Tappeh Moraveh, North Khorasan started on the 15th anniversary of establishment of the Bank, as the first private bank in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
EN Bank, in line with its social commitment has built numerous schools in less privileged areas in the country, which signifies due attention of its top management to social responsibility, together with playing an effective role in the country's money market.
In recent years EN Bank has built numerous schools in less privileged areas in North Khorasan, Semnan, Khuzestan, East Azerbaijan, Ilam, Sistan and Baluchistan, South Khorasan, Kurdistan, Bushehr and Ardebil, and , in addition, intends to build few new schools in other provinces.
The new school in Moraveh, Golestan Province has day classes, as well as night classes which will afford children and youngsters in this area an education opportunity.
EN Bank Leads the Second Wave of Banking by Offering Comprehensive Banking Services in Select EN Bank Branches
13 August 2016
EN Bank, concurrently with its 15th anniversary of its establishment started offering comprehensive banking services in its select branches.
EN Bank in addition to services in retail banking, corporate banking and private banking, offers an array of capital market services, and insurance in such select branches. Such services will soon be offered in all EN Bank branches upon completion of this trial phase.
It is apparent that offering conventional banking services such as account opening, deposits and withdrawals, granting of facilities is no longer enough tor banking customers, and thus the second wave of banking services is coming soon, as customers need to receive a collection of banking and financial services in one bank.
In the first phase, 7 branches in Tehran and 8 branches in provinces will offer new comprehensive banking services. It is expected that with the efforts of our trained staff, such services will be offered in all our branches in the near future.
EN Bank Receives Top Quality Statue in the Nationwide Gathering on Quality
7 August 2016
EN Bank received the Top Quality Statue in the second National Gathering on Quality with the theme:
Role of Superior Quality in Customer Satisfaction.
The second National Gathering on Quality with the theme:
Role of Superior Quality in Customer Satisfaction,
with me aim of enhancement of the quality of products and services with a view to attaining economic prosperity, offering modern approaches to satisfy the customers needs, revising the outlook on production process, .....was held with cooperation of Iranian Society of Standard Holders, Ministries of Industry, Mine and Trade, Communication and Information Technology, Management and Planning Organisation and National Standard Organisation. Participants were university professors, top managers, experts and representatives from various organisations, companies and government and non- government societies.
Ordinary Annual General Assembly of EN Bank with Participation of over 94% of Shareholders
26 July 2016
Ordinary Annual General Assembly of EN Bank was held with participation of over 94% of shareholders and the financial statements for year ended 19 March 2016 were approved. The CEO in his address to the shareholders said that in the year 1394(Iranian calendar) the country enjoyed relatively stable economic conditions and witnessed declining rate of inflation together with financial discipline in public sector and stability in parallel markets. He also pointed out that the most important monetary policies affecting the banking industry were adjusting the rates of interest on deposits and facilities to take into account the rate of inflation and the decline in legal reserve requirements and added: in the past year EN Bank, in compliance with the prevailing rules decreased the rates of interest on deposits and facilities. Although this reduced the bank's cost of funds, unfair competitions imposed certain risks on the bank, which were mitigated with optimum management of resources and application.
The CEO added regarding development activities undertaken in the bank's international operations: offering of exchange services to other banks, government owned and otherwise, by issuing letters of credit and other services, exchange allocations with BCP and Heritage pursuant to Geneva Agreement and opening accounts with new correspondent banks were a few activities in this area. He also added: EN Bank has fortified its security infrastructures by commissioning its Paris Data Protection Centre and has thus taken a big leap in attaining international standards in this field.
The CEO went on to explain the continued success of the bank in obtaining the Prestige Commendation and Statue in Information Technology in the Information Technology Stars Festival, Golden Statue of Innovation in E-banking Services from European Union and the Award of the Superior Research in Banking on the occasion of commemoration of the Research and Technology by Monetary and Banking Institute, Special Award of Superior Quality in Corporate Banking from ICS Group, Dr. Nourbakhsh Special Award of for offering infrastructure open banking services by EGhtesad Novin Khadamat Rayan, Statue and Commendation of the Festival of National Productivity by EN Leasing Company, Award for Highest Capital Mobilisation Services by Novin Capital Mobilisation Company by Securities Exchange Organisation by the Gathering on Economic Entities Social Commitment on the occasion of the Ninth International Fair on Securities Exchange, Insurance and Banks.
Attainment of Top Spot by Novin Capital Mobilisation Company as Selected by Securities Exchange Organisation
16 July 2016
Novin Capital Mobilisation Company was chosen as the most active capital mobilisation company in 1394 ( Iranian Calendar) by Securities Exchange Organisation.
This was attained by said company in the Festival of Commendation of the Superior Players in the Capital Market, carried out on the occasion of the Ninth Fair on Securities Exchange, Bank and Insurance, FINEX 2016. Selection of Novin Capital Mobilisation Company by Securities Exchange Organisation was based on said company's main activities including financing, underwriting, wealth management and financial restructuring.
In addition, Novin Pishro Investment Fund, managed by Novin Capital Mobilisation was chosen as the most active mutual fund in the country.
Commendation of EN Bank by Gathering on Economic Entities Social Commitment
12 June 2016
EN Bank's activities in "Urban Environment" was recognised in Gathering on Economic Entities Social Commitment .
The Bank received commendations by virtue of its memoranda of agreement with Environment Protection General Directorate of Tehran Province regarding joint measures on protection of environment and planting of over 7000 trees in Pardisan Park and construction of Pardis Novin and inauguration and operation of the first green bank branch in the country with collaboration of said General Directorate.
EN Bank has undertaken key measures in fulfilling its social responsibility in the area of protection of environment which include development of E-banking , construction of supporting site, creation of the green branch, introduction of Bankashena services, special attention to training of staff and customers, promotion of coexistence with nature, compliance with environmental standards in credit ranking for granting of credit facilities, readiness for financing of environment protection projects, collaboration in waste management, collaborations on joint promotional and cultural projects and collaborations on supportive projects for environment protection players including distinguished environment protection guards.
EN Bank Awarded the Superior Quality for Corporate Banking in European Union
17 February 2016
Concurrent with the joint session on quality development of Buildings, Transportation, Roads and Urban Development, the ISO Certificate and International Award for Superior Quality in S-Corporate Banking was granted to EN Bank's Corporate Banking by European Union.
ENBank's Public Relations reported that Seyed Hossein Vahabi, Director, Marketing and Corporate Banking Offices Affairs, receiving the ISO Certificate and the Award on behalf of EN Bank, congratulated the customers and the diligent and experienced staff of the bank, pointing out the bank's commitment for improvement of the quality of service afforded the corporate banking customers and added:
This Certificate and the the performance portfolio is a direct outcome of our concentration on the needs of our customers.
He also expressed his hope that in the post sanctions era the bank would create more value added for its valued customers in the light of higher economic development.
It is worth noting that ENBank, the first private bank in the country, was also the first bank to introduce corporate baking in Iran's banking system five years ago. EN Bank is ready to utilize its capabilities and those of its Group to provide novel financial and banking services to local and international companies by its experienced account managers.
Construction Works Start on the 11th Primary School by EN Bank in the City of Zirkooh in South Khorasan
1 February 2016
Pursuant to the fulfilment of social obligations, the 11th primary school will be built by EN Bank in the city of Zirkooh at South Khorasan. Zirkooh has a 150 km border with Afghanistan, and the vast area of this region means a boarding school is absolutely essential here. Director General of People's Participation in Renovation, Mobilisation and Development of Schools, while pointing out the economic organisations’ attention to building schools in the less privileged areas of the country, added: EN Bank plays a crucial role in building schools in the less privileged areas, which necessitates commendations of the management of the bank in this respect.
EN Bank School in South Khorasan, with 460 square meters of space, to be commissioned next year, is dedicated to children with special educational needs.
The first Green Branch of the banking system was inaugurated by EN Bank
28 January 2016
The Green Branch of EN Bank with the moto: "Together with Nature" was inaugurated. EN Bank's Green Branch, is a symbol and a model for promoting the culture of protection of environment. In this branch environmental standards, especially those in energy consumption, reduction in the use of paper and management of wastage have been adopted. The personnel of this branch have undergone the necessary trainings, so that, while performing their banking activities, they can promote environmental awareness among the customers.
Dear Customers
19 September 2015
Dear Customers,
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Inauguration of the EN Bank's Ninth Primary School in Kordovan, Bushehr
5 October 2015
The ninth primary school by EN Bank was inaugurated in Kordovan, a village in Bushehr. EN Bank, while undertaking economic activities, is committed to fulfilment of its social responsibilities and has thus far taken effective steps in this respect. Among such activities are: building schools, activities related to protection of environment, supporting and sponsoring charity organisations and promoting and supporting culture, sports and art.
General Annual Assembly of EN Bank was held
16 July 2015
Hassan Motamedi, the CEO, in its report to the shareholders stated: EN Bank , in spite of all fluctuations and changes in the last year, succeeded to fortify its position in the banking system and to continue the increasing trend.
Motamedi, while referring to the operational achievements of the bank during the past year, pointed out the honours acquired during that time. Major such honour were:
- The symbol and the standard international written commendation for guaranteeing the security of electronic and internet banking (BSS) by the European Union;
-Award for Innovation in Electronic Banking Management in the Gathering on Organisational Success Chain; and
- The Statute and Written Commendation for Mobile Money Transfer (MMM) at Dr. Noorbakhsh Festival on the occasion of the 4th Gathering on E-banking and Payment Systems.
After the report of the CEO, the General Assembly approved the financial statements for the year ended 20 March 2015, upon presentation of the report by the Legal Inspector and the Independent Auditor.
It was also resolved that Iranian Rials 220 shall be paid as net dividend per share.
BANKASHENA Chosen as Eco-Friendly Product by EN Bank
10 June 2015
A new product , called BANKASHENA, was launched by EN Bank with a view to increasing the customer satisfaction. This new product is a novel service, designed with customers who don’t have easy access to branches of EN Bank in mind. Among the features of this product is reduction of commuting in the cities for purpose of utilising EN Bank’s services, reduction of usage of physical money, which will certainly have a positive effect on protection of the environment.
FIDIC’s Annual Gathering I Tehran with Sponsorship of EN Bank
24 May 2015
This was the main annual meeting of Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs Conseils, with the sponsorship of EN Bank in Asia and Oceania.
EN Bank, as one of the main agent banks for the construction sector, has always paid special attention to the needs of this sector and has met their requirements with preferential terms and conditions. Among such services was the introduction of Corporate Banking, a first in the Iranian banking system, which created more value added for corporate customers, especially in the construction industry.
It is worth noting that FIDIC, an acronym for the original French title, which would translate to “International Federation of Consulting Engineers” is a history of over 100 years, with present No. of country members at 99. Each year the Annual Meeting is held in a different country. This year Iran hosted the meeting . In the last decade ,China, Hungary, Singapore, Canada, India, England, Switzerland, Spain and Brasil had hosted this gathering, and UEA shall host the meeting next year.
EN Bank Names Hassan Motamedi New CEO
23 November 2013
EN Bank has appointed Hassan Motamedi as the new CEO, effective October 26, 2013.
Mr. Motamedi, an MBA graduate from the US, is one of the country’s most respected banking executives, with a proven track record spanning over 35 years in the industry. His credentials include many years of service at senior management levels with the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), membership of the Board of Directors of Tejarat Bank and more recently as Deputy Managing Director at EN Bank.
EN Bank Appoints Vice CEO for International Affairs
28 November 2011
EN Bank’s CEO, Dr. Mohammad Hashem Botshekan, has appointed Mr. Hossein Sabeti as the bank’s new Vice CEO for International Affairs.
EN Bank names new CEO
15 October 2011
EN Bank announces appointment of Dr.Mohammad Hashem Botshekan as its new chief executive officer. Dr.Botshekan previously served as a member of the board of directors at EN Bank.
EN Bank electronic banking users jumps 30%
14 August 2011
EN Bank's electronic banking services - comprising internet, telephone, mobile and SMS services - are enjoying unprecedented popularity. At the start of August 2011, the total number of users surpassed the 1,450,000 mark - a 30% increase since this time last year.
EN Bank is Iran's first privately-owned bank. In the ten years since its launch, the bank has created an innovative portfolio of award-winning electronic banking services. Together, EN Bank's services aim to make banking quicker and easier for its customers, for example, by reducing the need for branch visits.
EN Bank internet banking system wins top honors at Iran's 5th e-Banking Conference
6 August 2011
EN Bank's new internet banking system has won top prize in Iran's 5th e-Banking Conference.
Launched in April 2011, the enhanced system added a range of new solutions to its core banking services. These include card-to-card funds transfer, interbank funds transfer, monthly loan repayments, and money-management features, such as new checkbook and stop-payment requests.
EN Bank makes significant progress in international banking
25 July 2011
At EN Bank's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 19 July 2011, CEO, Mr. Ahmad Taheri, announced major successes in the bank’s domestic and international banking performance.
Within international banking, Mr. Taheri declared that EN Bank has successfully taken number one spot among Iran's top six privately-owned banks for the financial year 2011 (21 March 2010 to 20 March 2011).
Acknowledging the conditions facing Iranian banks, EN Bank has identified and harnessed opportunities for achieving significant growth in most areas of international banking. These include letters of credit, letters of guarantee, documentary collections and lines of credit.
EN Bank announces earnings and dividends per share
19 July 2011
At EN Bank's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 19 July 2011, the bank’s earnings per share for 2011 were reported as 546 rials per ordinary share and dividend per share as 465 rials.
During the AGM, Mr. Sadr Hashemi, the Chairman of the Board, reported plans for a capital increase of 2 thousand and 500 billion rials by the end of October 2011, bringing the bank’s total paid-in capital to 800 billion rials. Currently, EN Bank's paid-in capital is 5 thousand and 500 billion rials.
EN Bank holds Annual General Meeting (AGM)
19 July 2011
EN Bank held its AGM on Tuesday 19 July 2011, where the bank's shareholders approved the financial statements for the year ended 21 March 2011.
During the meeting:
• the integration of the Eghtesad Novin Industrial Group with EN Bank was approved
• dividend per share for the past year was announced as 465 rials per ordinary share.
• Mr. Sadr Hashemi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announced a planned capital increase of 2 thousand and 500 billion rials by end of October 2011. This is in line with the objective of reaching a total of 15 billion rials paid-in capital by the end of March 2012, approved during last year’s AGM. Currently, the bank’s paid-in capital is 5 thousand and 500 billion rials.
• representatives from the bank’s major shareholders - Samaneh Stratus Investment Company, Behshahr Group Investment Company, Tehran Renovation and Construction Company, Behshahr Industrial Group Construction Company and Javanan Housing Company - were reinstated as main board members for a further two years. Representatives from Behpakhsh Company and Iran Construction Investment Company were elected as substitute members.
EN Bank climbs 128 places in global top bank rankings
July 2011
EN Bank has climbed an astounding 128 places to number 648 in the Top 1000 World Banks rankings, released by 'The Banker' in July 2011.
Top 1000 World Banks is an annually published survey ranking global banks by their Tier 1 capital. The awards are the most widely recognized in the industry, based on indicators such as capital strength, assets, profit and return on assets.
Released by individual country, the ranking also places EN Bank at number 8 among the top-10 Iranian banks.
The Banker is a leading financial monthly, owned by the Financial Times and aimed at banks and financial institutions.
EN Bank internet banking customers grows 60%
25 May 2011
Since May 2010, EN Bank's internet banking service has enjoyed a 60% increase in users. Now, the service is set to gain even more success. In April 2011, the bank launched an enhanced version of its internet banking system, featuring additional security and improved services focused on customer convenience.
Among its many new features, the system now enables online card-to-card funds transfer, interbank funds transfer, monthly loan repayments and easy money-management services, including new checkbook and stop-payment requests.
The first EN Bank School opens in Bushehr Province
22 May 2011
On 14 May 2011, the first EN Bank School opened its doors to local students in the Chah-Talkh village of Bushehr Province.
Built through funds donated by EN Bank, the five-classroom school covers an area of 393 square meters, welcoming local students at the elementary level. "Construction of the first EN Bank School has been carried out as part of the bank's ongoing commitment to our societies and, on this day, we are very happy that the school is open and ready to provide valuable teaching to children in the area," said Ahmad Taheri, EN Bank's CEO, at the opening ceremony.
"As the first privately-owned bank in the country, in addition to being a frontrunner in providing modern banking services, EN Bank also acknowledges its social responsibilities," he continued. "Throughout its history, the bank has been proactively contributing to various social and cultural causes; the latest example being the construction of this school in the Chah-Talkh village.”
Regarding EN Bank’s commitment to building schools in other provinces across the country, Mr. Taheri said, "We aim to continue with our endeavors in setting up schools in rural areas, with construction of the second EN Bank School commencing shortly in the Sistan va Baluchestan Province."
EN Bank opens 251st branch in the Velenjak area of Tehran
16 May 2011
EN Bank has celebrated the 251st addition to its ever-growing network - with the opening of a new branch in the Velenjak area of Tehran.
The branch opening is part of EN Bank's strategy to expand its nationwide network, and continuously improve and extend its electronic banking services. Through this strategy, EN Bank aims to give customers convenient access to services, while freeing them from regular branch visits to manage their daily finances.
EN Bank launches private banking services
May 2011
EN Bank’s newly established private banking division provides creative wealth management and investment solutions for high-net worth clients, including individuals, families and business owners.
Individuals: A suite of investment and wealth management solutions and advisory services to help affluent individuals better manage their wealth into the future.
Families: Our family advisory office advises families on all aspects of wealth management, including generational planning.
Business owners: Our experts understand the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer tailor-made solutions that are perfect for busy executives looking for trusted investment and wealth-planning advice and services.
EN Bank launches new internet banking system
10 April 2011
EN Bank is proud to announce the launch of its new enhanced internet banking system. The system introduces a wealth of additional services to its core banking solutions, including:
• new account applications
• funds transfer
• loan status and repayments
• debit card management
• check management
• foreign currency account management
EN Bank's 244th branch opens in Khorramabad
12 March 2011
EN Bank has celebrated the launch of its 244th branch in Khorramabad, within the province of Lorestan.
Officials from the Lorestan governor’s office and Khorramabad city council were present at the opening ceremony, together with directors from various other banks and financial institutions.
EN Bank opens its 241st branch in Shiraz
27 February 2011
EN Bank is proud to announce the opening of its 241st branch in the Ghasroldasht area of Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province.
Currently, fourteen EN Bank branches operate in the Fars Province. Of these, seven are located in Shiraz, while the remaining seven are situated across the province, in the cities of Jahrom, Kazeroon, Lar, Gerash, Lamerd, Marvdasht and Fasa.
The launch means customers in the area can now visit a branch located conveniently close to them. Additionally, customers can use our electronic banking services on the internet, mobile phone or telephone to check their accounts, transfer funds and pay bills.
EN Bank wins Gold Plaque for Best e-Banking Services

23 February 2011
EN Bank has been awarded the Gold Plaque for Best Electronic Banking Services at the 2nd Iranian Technology Stars Festival.
Held on 20 February 2011, the festival featured three main categories: 'Information Technology', 'Communications Technology' and 'Science and Technology'. EN Bank competed in the Information Technology category.
Industries participating in the Iranian Technology Stars Festival included computer hardware and software, office equipment, network and security, enterprise content management, IT services and solutions, electronic banking, e-commerce, mobile phones and services, internet services, consumer electronics, audiovisual equipment, computer gaming, and telecommunications.

EN Bank shoots into the final of the 4th Interbank Futsal Tournament
20 February 2011
EN Bank beat teams from 11 privately-owned banks and financial institutions to reach the final of the 4th Interbank Futsal Tournament.
Following each preliminary round, three teams from each group advanced to the second round. EN Bank consecutively beat its five preliminary group rivals - Sina, Tat, Parsian, Saman and Tose’e - to reach the semifinals.
The semifinal saw EN Bank beating City Bank, only to concede in the final round to Pasargad Bank. City and Sarmayeh banks took 3rd and 4th places respectively.
With a total of 8 goals scored, Hojat Delsooz from EN Bank was awarded the tournament’s title of 'Mr. Goal'.
EN Bank explores opportunities with the President of The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)
25 December 2010
EN Bank's CEO, Mr. Ahmad Taheri, has met with the President of the CACCI, Ambassador Benedicto Yujuico. Both discussed potential business relationships between EN Bank - the first privately-owned bank in the Islamic Republic of Iran - and CACCI.
During the meeting, held at EN Bank's headquarters in Tehran, Mr. Taheri presented the bank’s strategies and objectives in national and international banking. Other executives present were EN Bank's Deputy Managing Director, Hassan Motamedi; senior management in international banking from EN Bank; business and tradesmen from the Philippines and Sri Lanka; and the deputy governor of the Sulu Province of the Philippines. Mr. Mirkarimi, the Deputy Managing Director of Trade Relations at Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIIM), was also present.
At the close of the meeting, Ambassador Yujuico invited Mr. Taheri and Hassan Motamedi to attend the next CACCI conference as honorary guests. CACCI is the parent organization of the Asian Bankers Association (ABA), to which EN Bank has recently been elected as a board member.
EN Bank appointed member of the IFSB
December 2010
The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) has approved EN Bank's membership application as an observer by a majority of votes. The endorsement comes thanks to EN Bank adopting effective strategies, strengthening its international presence, and increasing cooperation with global financial and monetary institutions.
The IFSB is an international standard-setting organization that promotes soundness and stability within the Islamic financial services industry. The organization achieves this by issuing global prudential standards and guiding principles for the industry.
EN Bank elected to the Board of Directors of the Asian Bankers Association (ABA)
20 November 2010
EN Bank is the first Iranian Bank to be elected to the Board of Directors of the ABA. The bank was elected during the ABA's annual general meeting (AGM), held in Taipei, November 2010.
Established in 1981, the ABA is one of the service councils of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) and is considered the biggest alliance of leading banks in the Asia-Pacific. It provides a forum for advancing the region's banking industry and promoting regional economic cooperation.
ABA's membership includes around 100 leading banks from 23 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Its Board of Directors comprises 25 members, elected for 2-year tenures by the ABA's regular members.
Belonging to the ABA board and interacting closely with other members will help identify opportunities for mutual cooperation. We are confident this appointment will create many benefits for EN Bank and Iran's national banking system.
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