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Online Transaction Processing
Corporate Banking
Merchant Services 
Increase your sales opportunities and delight your customers with our portfolio of merchant solutions.

POS Terminals
Give your customers an easy way to buy your products and services. Introduce POS (point-of-sale) terminal solutions at your retail outlet to electronically process customer card transactions.
Services include online reporting, transaction cancellation, error reporting and daily statements.

Service Kiosks
A service kiosk brings the convenience of electronic banking direct to your premises.
The system comes with a POS terminal, touch-screen display, bar-code reader and invoice printer. The kiosks also accept all cards connected to the Shetab banking system.

Online Payment Gateway
The EN Bank online payment gateway is a convenient and cost-effective way for small to medium-sized businesses and large organizations to offer customers online retail facilities.
The gateway provides fast and secure online purchasing, helping you increase sales and satisfy your customers.

Online Transaction Processing
When your customers reach the final stage of buying from you online, this solution redirects them to the EN Bank online transaction processing system.
The system processes transactions securely and efficiently, providing a safe environment for online shoppers.
     Top News
With the participation and support of EN Bank, the two-volume book entitled “The cool Oven" was unveiled
During the ceremony, Alireza Belgouri was introduced as the Managing Director of EN Bank
With the attendance of the majority of shareholders, the financial statements of 2016 of EN Bank were approved by the assembly
To provide desirable services to EN Bank clients, two foreign finance contracts were signed with Austrian Uberbank and the Bank of Denmark
The founder of EN Bank: We support the activities of Novin Tech for the development of startups
Chairman of the Directing Board of EN Bank: The Cooperation Contract with Exim Bank of South Korea facilitates relations with the world prestigious banks
"Modern Payment" supports the development of startup businesses
Simultaneous with blood donation day, employees of EN Bank donated their blood
With the start of the construction of three new schools, the number of schools of EN Bank in deprived areas reached 25
Thanks to Eghtesad Novin Bank and World Air Day, the bank of Jajrood River was cleaned

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