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Easy Ways to Bank with Us
Savings Accounts
Retail Banking
From withdrawing cash to buying online, EN Bank offers you a range of cards to meet your needs.

Debit Card
You can request debit cards for your savings or current accounts with EN Bank.
Use your EN Bank debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs, transfer money between accounts or to other cards, pay bills, or purchase from any retail outlets connected to the Shetab banking system.

Credit Card
You can use your EN Bank credit card to buy goods or services at any EN Bank POS (point-of-sale) terminal or card reader connected to the Shetab banking system.

Gift Card
Take the hassle out of shopping for presents by giving your friends and loved ones EN Bank gift cards.
You can buy gift cards at any EN Bank branch, online or at major retail outlets and bookstores.

Internet Purchase Card
Shop securely online with an EN Bank prepaid and rechargeable internet purchase card. You can use the card at online retail outlets that are supported by the EN Bank online retail portal or connected to the Shetab banking system.
Buy your card at EN Bank branches, online or at major retail outlets and bookstores.
     Top News
Twenty-Eight Mehr Novin School is Going to Be Constructed in Siah Bid Village of Kermanshah
The Ceremony of Starting a Construction Eghtesad Novin School in Chahmary Village of Kahnouj was held
In Occasion of Natural Resources Week, the ceremony in the honour of tree planting procedure was held in presence of the managing director of the bank
Awarding National Golden Statuette for Observing Consumers' Rights to Modern Insurance Company
Eghtesad Novin Leasing Company Achieved First Rank in Efficiency Index
Introducing 9 New Services and Products of Pardakht Novin Company in Electronic Banking and Payment Systems Congress
New Version of Mobile Bank IOS Operating System of Eghtesad Novin Bank was introduced.
Simultaneous with beginning of New Year in Gregorian calendar, called in Iran as Christian Year, the Managing Director of Eghtesad Novin Bank met Christian colleagues of the bank
With the participation and support of EN Bank, the two-volume book entitled “The cool Oven" was unveiled
During the ceremony, Alireza Belgouri was introduced as the Managing Director of EN Bank

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